The company Operátor ICT will start pilot projects within the Smart City concept (20 Dec 2016)

The first approved projects within the integrated Smart City agenda in Prague are “Smart Benches” and “Smart Solar Compress Bins”. They will already be implemented in the first half of this year.

Smart Benches

The project aims to replenish or replace urban furniture with value-added benches that, apart from basic relaxation in public town space, offer a variety of additional functions. With these benches, a reliable intelligent infrastructure may be established that will cover the daily needs of the mobile generation.

What should Smart Bench do?

– charge mobile communication equipment
– connect permanently – Wi-Fi
– connect to the Integrated Rescue Services (emergency calls)
– display information about air conditions or noise level
– be self-sufficient due to solar panels
Smart benches are an integral part of urban areas, for example, in London and Boston. 4 to 10 smart bench models will be acquired for the pilot project in Prague and they will be located in public areas with high public concentration levels.
Suppliers will be selected based on a tender process. All available suppliers who present a working prototype in the area of the Czech Republic will be addressed. Start-up companies may also be addressed. OICT will implement the project by acquiring each Smart Bench model meeting the basic required functionalities and characteristics in accordance with the presented requirement and with a maximum price of CZK 300,000.00.
The tender process will start during Q1/2017 so that the first Smart Benches can be positioned in spring, i.e. Q2/2017. Estimated total costs of the pilot project will not exceed CZK 2,000,000.00

Smart Solar Compress Bins

This pilot project will be implemented via renting solar compress bins for testing in public spaces. Installation of solar bins with integrated compress units will be performed in busy tourist locations in Prague. Standard bins from such locations will be completely removed and will be replaced with a corresponding number of solar compress bins allowing capacity needs to be met. These waste bins will be designed for the collection of both mixed and sorted waste.

What benefits will Smart Solar Compress Bins bring?

– A smart bin sends actual information on its fullness and therefore collection routes and their frequency are planned more efficiently.
– Compression unit increases by almost five times the volume of waste held by a single bin.
– Decrease in waste collection frequency of 65-80%.
– Collection optimizing saves the environment and decreases the public communication load.
– Collection is primarily performed in the early morning hours. It also increases driving comfort on the roads, town tidiness and culture.
– Decrease in bin units and their location within eye distance.
– Collection is primarily performed by vehicles with alternative drive, i.e. minimum air pollution impacts.
The supplier will be selected based on a tender process for a minor public contract that will be held in Q1/2017. Estimated rental costs of 30 pcs waste bins, including their installation and all-inclusive service for 6 months, must not exceed CZK 2,000,000.00
OICT will implement these projects in cooperation with other municipal subjects such as, for example, Prague City Hall, Municipal Districts, Prague Institute for Planning and Development, Prague Heritage Department and Prague Technical Administration of Roadways (TSK).