Data centre management for the Prague City Hall

Within the project of Transformation of data centre management and operation, the city of Prague strives for the unification of all aspects of data centre management under one supplier to make the process of incidents and requests solutions more effective. This project is also connected to the single point of contact that Operátor ICT already provides for the Prague City Hall.

Long-term aims and visions of the project are:

  • Process optimisation of entering and solving incidents.
  • Process optimisation of entering requests and incidents, applications for change and managing release for securing controlled changes and development for service customers and creating a single point of contact for collecting requests.
  • Building a knowledge base to use it within the community of practice concept that allows sharing information of all the parties involved.
  • It is implicitly assumed that during the transition period the full operation of the data centres and their system will be preserved and that in the course of entrusting the management of the data centres to OICT the systems will remain in operation and a decrease in the level of provided services and their reliability will not occur.
  • Providing guaranteed services with a defined extent and parameters of the service.