The Smart Cities concept for towns in the 21st century represents not only an innovative solution for the normal life of citizens and visitors, which will bring not only higher comfort but finally also economic and development benefits for the town itself. One of the main pillars is data as a picture of life in the town. Data generation, collection, evaluation, administration and visualisation are one of the key foundations for effective management of a modern town.

The currently prepared data platform will reflect the historical and actual situation of the town with respect to data, and in the future it will always integrate the latest data sources via its interfaces without any limitations.

The platform will thus ensure the connection of as many municipal applications as possible, including data and will support work with data that, until that time, had almost no utilization due to various technical or legal limitations. It will be based on the concept of openness and intelligence and will enable work with large data volumes that are transferred from both current and new town data sources.

Data infrastructure openness is one of the data platform targets that will provide predefined public data and will enable combining them freely so that the town obtains economic, strategic and conceptual benefits.

Single data platform benefits:

  • Effective management of key areas in town infrastructure
  • Increase in comfort for citizens and visitors
  • Cost savings

The working group is preparing materials for the decision of the Prague City Council Committee relating to the Smart Cities concept in Prague.

Anticipated Implementation Date: second half of 2017