Wi-Fi spots for Prague Zoo and Botanical Garden

  • A quality Wi-Fi connection is planned for visitors to Prague Zoo and Botanical Garden in Prague – Troja.
  • With respect to the landscape profile, buildings and vegetation, the connection should be guaranteed in the most exposed areas, especially in the surroundings of restaurants, main expositions and entrance areas.
  • Thanks to the local network, it will be possible for example to draw the attention of visitors to special events, e.g. feeding of animals in a particular pavilion.
  • Launch is planned for the high season of 2017.

Wi-Fi spots for popular places and parks

  • The following locations are currently being considered: Náplavka (Rašín Embankment – Rašínovo nábřeží), Petřín funicular, Stromovka park and Letná park.
  • The implementation is more complicated with respect to the specifics of these localities. The difficulty lies in the necessity to ensure compliance with legislative standards and specific rules for these areas.
  • A feasibility study is being prepared; its results will be sensitively assessed by Prague City Hall according to the expected benefits for citizens and with respect to project costs.

In the case of approval, Wi-Fi connections in these locations could be available at the beginning of 2018.