Lítačka is a new card for travelling by public transport in Prague – metro, bus, tram and even the funicular. It holds electronic tickets that may be bought in DDP centres or via www.dpp.cz. Unlike paper coupons, it enables the purchase of tickets on-line. Moreover, Lítačka may be used as a library card for Prague Municipal Library.

Lítačka, it is not just a green card in your wallet instead of your old red one. It actually is one of the first steps in establishing the new platforms of a “Smart City”. The whole Smart City concept lies in creating systems across individual town infrastructure units that then communicate more efficiently.

Today’s green card is not just a medium with an IT solution behind making it a closed universe, but on the contrary, the card is intended to become a compatible part of the large complex system of Smart Prague.

In the future, Lítačka and its system will, for example, enable downloading your public transport ticket onto your payment card, a phone application or another medium suitable for you. Lítačka is principally the start in establishing a new communication platform within Prague and its surroundings where a modern, energy-saving city with its residents living comfortable lives is the target.



LIDOVKY.CZ: Lítačka grants a discount for the Zoo in Prague. Dozens of advantages have been added on to Lítačka.

Česká televize: Lítačka extends its functions. Electric car drivers will be able to use it when charging cars