DENIK.CZ: Deboned register also applies to Prague companies

Members of Parliament have deleted not only state companies from the Act on the Register of Contracts but also companies that are majority-owned by towns. Nevertheless, Prague intends to continue with publishing contracts.

LIDOVKY.CZ: Lítačka grants a discount for the Zoo in Prague. Dozens of advantages have been added on to Lítačka

At the end of January, the Lítačka card in Prague had only six discount partners, but today it offers advantages for 22 places. Its owners may obtain a better price for the wax museum Grévin, the Petřín Observation Tower or Prague Zoo, the most visited places of interest in the whole Czech Republic.

PRAHATV.EU: Multichannel systems will improve travelling in Prague

The present old-fashioned transportation system should be replaced by a new multichannel system in 2018. The new system will enable downloading a ticket onto a payment card that will also send the payment. Tickets will also be managed via a new application.

METRO.CZ: Lítačka is not just a tram pass, but also offers admission discounts

A year ago the green Lítačka card started to replace the red Opencard in the wallets of Prague citizens.