We are preparing a project that will change the transport check-in system in Prague and in the areas covered by the system of the Integrated Transport System in Prague and the Central Bohemia Region. The system is called Multichannel Check-In System (MOS).


In 2018 MOS should fully replace the current conceptually outdated system (DOS) and in its target state, travelling by public transport will become more comfortable and modern. At first in Prague and then in the whole Central Bohemia Region.


End users will definitely appreciate that MOS (together with Lítačka) will enable the use of other user-friendly media for electronic tickets, such as for example a payment card or wearables. Both time and individual tickets will be bought easily and without any delay, or managed via a mobile application. Unpopular validators will be eliminated after transfer of the complete system to the on-line regime.


This is a large-scale project requiring the close cooperation of several subjects, therefore representatives of the companies Operátor ICT, ROPID and DPP have been appointed to the MOS Project Team. The final implementation project is to be presented by 31 May 2017 at the latest and should be used as a comprehensive document for the start of project implementation.