Passive optical infrastructure register of the Prague City Hall

The register is a step towards creating an independent municipal ICT (information and communications technology) infrastructure that will provide the defined ICT needs of the Prague City Hall, municipal districts, municipal organisations, etc.

Its primary aim is to connect a municipal district or organisation and the necessary infrastructure node (e.g. data centres of the Prague City Hall) by high-capacity networks, therefore the required ICT services will support digitisation development of self-government and internal administration of the Prague City Hall and at the same time provide the appropriate operating security standards and infrastructure redundancy.

It provides information regarding the available passive optical infrastructure in the ownership of companies Technical Road Administration Prague, Prague Public Transport Company, Kolektory Praha, and PRE that can be used for the realisation of independent municipal ICT infrastructure.

New data are entered and the current data are checked and edited in a GIS laboratory that was created for the needs of the Register.

The functioning of the Register will be evaluated at the end of the year and at the same time a process and business model will be designed for the realisation of providing connectivity to optical infrastructure in the ownership of the Prague City Hall or its subsidiaries.