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The Smart Cities concept innovatively implements modern communication and digital technologies into the life of Prague citizens and visitors to the capital city. By means of their active involvement, it contributes to the better functioning of infrastructure, technologies and services in key areas – among others in transport, city building operation, energy performance and communication with citizens. The aim of particular projects is to improve the quality of life in Prague, optimize and increase efficiency of city management processes, enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the metropolis and guarantee its development sustainability.

Who puts Smart Cities into practice in Prague?

Prague City Hall has established a Smart City Project Office, which is a part of the company Operátor ICT, to coordinate and implement strategic projects of the Smart Cities concept and to promote them. The following activities arise from the authorization:

Selection and Preparation of Smart City Projects

  • Collecting of suggestions from citizens, Prague and municipal companies, municipal districts and city hall departments from the Better Cities project and from the website
  • Bringing of perspective suggestions to project plans
  • Setting of the selection process for project plans that will be presented to consultative bodies of the City Hall (Prague City Council Committee for Smart Cities and Prague City Assembly Committee for Smart Cities Development) and furthermore to the project approval process
  • Cooperation with Prague City Hall relating to the administration of grants and grant titles from Smart City for municipal districts
  • Investigating of project financing possibilities from the catalogue of the capital city budget.

Implementation of Smart City Projects

  • Completing project documentation and its presentation to Prague City Assembly and Council
  • Managing projects in accordance with standard management methods so that they are finished according to the planned schedule, quality, scope and budget
  • Management of risks and changes including approval of eventual deviations
  • Ensuring of professional implementation for projects that are within the scope of the activities of Operátor ICT
  • Management and integration of a database for all Smart City projects based on “open data” and “big data” principles
  • Regular information for the Prague City Council on project progress
  • Reporting to the Assembly Committee for Smart Cities on project management office activities.

Who are we ready to cooperate with?

We want to obtain and keep broad knowledge in implementing solutions within Smart Cities in Prague. In the interest of maximum transparency of the company Operátor ICT, we are open to negotiations with all organizations and companies from the areas listed below that are engaged in modern technologies or use them within the scope of their activities.

  • IT and ICT
  • Power Engineering
  • Transport
  • Waste Management
  • Start-ups
  • Banking
  • Safety
  • Health Service
  • Construction Industry
  • Environment
  • Urban Planning
  • Geography
  • State Administration
  • Autonomy
  • Conferences
  • Higher Education (ČVUT, ČZU, UK)
  • Partner Smart City groupings